SPACES is an organisation that represents residents in Alston, Calvert, Puller and Sebright Roads of High Barnet in matters relating to planning and traffic.   It was formed in 1995 after a famous fight to prevent the demolition of a house (17 Calvert Road) that was well over 100 years old and the building of a small block of flats instead.   The fight involved over 70 residents going to Hendon Town Hall to influence the decision of a crucial meeting of Barnet Council.


We are often asked what SPACES stands for:   it is Sebright, Puller, Alston and Calvert Environmental Society.   We tend not to advertise this too widely as the “Environmental” tag can be taken to suggest that we have a wider range of activities than is the case.   We concentrate on planning and traffic and do not get involved in campaigning for low carbon living, individual neighbour disputes or the perennial problem of dog poo.


Although not directly related to our planning and traffic activities, we like to do all we can to support the friendly atmosphere that has been a feature of our four roads over the years.   These efforts include helping with the annual Picnic in the Park/Street Party events and promoting the use of our local pub, the Sebright Arms.


We have an Annual General Meeting every November in the Sebright Arms at which committee members are elected and all residents are invited.   The committee meets three times each year.   About 140 households are paid-up members of SPACES and they receive two editions of our newsletter, usually in January and July.   Wherever possible, we work in conjunction with Barnet Residents Association, The Barnet Society and Hadley Residents Association on matters of mutual interest.   Click here to see our Constitution.


Finally, a flavour of our activities can be obtained from the following list which about 15% of the issues we have been involved in since we started in 1995:

(i)         granting to four footpaths in the old allotment area behind the houses on the north side of Calvert Road,

(ii)        preventing the loss of the bandstand outside Waitrose,

(iii)       preventing over development of the sites at 64 and 90 Sebright Road,

(iv)       campaigning for the bollards that now protect pedestrians in Alston Road and also getting more prominent width restriction signs for the road,

(v)         helping to persuade Barnet Council to repair the derelict house at 33 Puller Road and then helping residents obtain amendments to planning applications for development of the property,

(vi)        founding the campaign that prevented permission for an adult gaming centre in the High Street,

(vii)      being one of the founding members of the Friends of Barnet Market ( and campaigning for the recent improvements to the site,

(viii)     supporting efforts to bring the ‘live/work’ use of Alston Works (and the Old Laundry Works) under proper Council scrutiny and thereby gain measures to improve privacy for residents in Puller Road.

(ix)      mounting a campaign over many years that eventually led to the implementation of the zebra crossing and 20 mile/hour limit in Alston Road.