The name SPACES stands for Sebright, Puller, Alston and Calvert Environmental Society and it has been formed to represent the interests of the residents within the four roads in matters concerning development of land and property.   This is deemed to include matters concerning traffic and parking.




1                    The Committee of SPACES shall be constituted of the following posts:   Chair, Vice-Chair, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer, Legal Representative, Newsletter Editor, Sebright Road Representative, Puller Road Representative, Alston Road Representative, Calvert Road Representative and up to 8 ex-officio members.

2                    Members of the Committee shall be elected for a 3-year period, with approximately one third of the Committee standing for election at each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

3                    Committee meetings shall be held as needs arise, but not more than 6 months shall elapse between each committee meeting.   (The AGM may be held as a committee meeting for this purpose)   A quorum for a committee meeting or an AGM is 5, which must include the Chair or Vice-Chair and four other committee members.   Matters decided by the Committee shall be done so by a majority vote of committee members present, with the Chair (or Vice-Chair when acting for the Chair) holding the casting vote in the event of a tie.   The Minutes Secretary will prepare and circulate the minutes of each committee meeting to all committee members.

4                    Subscriptions shall be collected annually and last until 31st July of each year.   Funds shall be kept in an interest-earning building society or bank and may only be withdrawn by the Chair and Treasurer acting together.   In the event of SPACES ceasing, subscription payers will be consulted on how to dispose of the remaining funds.   Membership of SPACES is open to anybody who is in sympathy with its aims.

5                    The SPACES newsletter shall be produced twice a year and distributed to all households paying subscriptions.

6          When notice of an application for development affecting any of the four roads is served by the London Borough of Barnet, SPACES shall circulate such details as are available to all households paying subscriptions within the area affected by the application in order to canvass views.