Regretfully there is petty crime in our area.   Much of it is opportunistic small-scale crime which could be stopped by taking certain precautions such as:

(i)   leave nothing of value outside your house without locking it securely (bicycles are a particular target),

(ii) leave nothing of any value at all in your car (there have been several break-ins just for small change left out for parking meters),

(iii) shut all house windows when you go out,

(iv) do not agree to have work done by people who make contact just by knocking at your door.   Always employ trades people through the recommendations of neighbours or friends.   There have been far too many cases of rogue workmen offering to unblock gutters, repair roofs, etc.

(v)  be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.

With regard to the last point, the police recommend ringing 999 if you see, or strongly suspect, a break in or other crime taking place.   If you are reporting a crime after it has happened, the number is 101.

For instances such as teenagers causing a nuisance, it is often more appropriate to ring the Safer Neighbourhoods team.   They can be contacted on 0208 733 5032 during office hours or 07887 633 343 on patrol (cover on some evenings, but not after midnight).