2019 Party at the Pub in full swing

Since 2000, our four roads have held three street parties, thirteen Picnics in the Park and two Parties at the Pub. For 2015 and 2016, we had two excellent Parties at the Pub which took place at the Sebright Arms, our wonderful local community pub. Both 2017 and 2018 saw a return to having a Picnic in the Park on the Byng Road rugby field. It was hoped to run another Picnic in the Park in 2019, but a commercial organization came along and decided to run a ‘Festival Fair’ on the rugby field in July. The Picnic in the Park organizing team thought that the Festival Fair would provide too much of a clash and therefore decided to switch to a Party at the Pub instead (the Festival Fair was subsequently cancelled!). The pub is, of course, the Sebright Arms and the date was Saturday, 14th September. The weather was kind to us and we had a lovely, sunny September day with four excellent local bands/groups playing throughout the afternoon and evening. Our long time favourite group, Hokum, started the proceedings followed by two very talented young performers who call themselves, Polarised Eyes. Ave Vinick and his friend, Mike, gave us a series of their own compositions which were much appreciated. The evening was topped off with a rousing performance by the Yet Men. Jason, our landlord, and David ran the kitchen and the barbecue, while Geoff Barrett brought his ever popular Punch and Judy  There was a messy table, face painting and even table tennis. Mick Callaghan’s inter-road quiz added to the fun, with a somewhat unusual win for Calvert Road.  It was hoped to run a similar event in 2020, but the virus put a stop to it.  We hope conditions will allow some form of local event to take place later in 2021.